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Unexpected Consequences

For having the iPhone, I got a fitness app.
For having the fitness app, I took walks.
For taking the walks, I noticed the hole in my shoe.

For the hole in my shoe, I bought comfy shoe inserts.
For the comfy shoe inserts, I walked farther than before.
For walking farther than before, I tweaked my ankle.

I’ve started walking during my lunch hours again, but there’s another unexpected consequence. Those comfy shoe inserts not only cushion my feet; they also act as something of an insulator. Meaning when I first put my shoes on in the morning, the inserts make my feet very cold.

Dr Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

Thanks iLounge & Mobile Line!

Sometime back (long enough ago that I’d completely forgot about it), I was visiting iLounge looking for iPhone app recommendations and noticed they were having holding a giveaway for some pretty nifty looking headphones. To be exact, they were giving away the RF3 ENVi Natural Wood stereo earhook cell phone headset. As I’d recently broken my regular headphones; I thought , why not?

So I filled out the entry form and then promptly forgot all about it. Not long after I picked up a set of Skullcandy INK’d earbuds, but found them to be very uncomfortable (especially in my left ear). I blame the discomfort on their imprinting of their company logo on the eartip covers. Still I kept using them as I haven’t had a change to repair my old headphones or to go looking for a different set.

Today I was working from home and when head the postman come by, I thought I heard him drop something on the porch. I wasn’t expecting any packages and figured he would pick up whatever he dropped as he left. Later when I out to get the mail, I found a small box on waiting for me. I got the box inside, opened it up and found out I’d actually won that giveaway I’d forgotten all about.


So I’d like to thank iLounge and Mobile Line Communications for the new headset!

I’ve been using the new headset all afternoon and definitely like them better than the Skullcandy earbuds. So far the ear tips feel very comfortable (no etched logo to irritate my ears). And I haven’t been getting any feedback when I use the headset with my laptop — the Skullcandy earbuds constantly kicked out a static with my laptop, though none with my iPhone.  Overall, I’m very pleased with these and look forward to using them for quite sometime to come.

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