4 thoughts on “Weeks 36, 37 & 38

  1. Great shots (très professionnel)! The 14th Ave bridge, the broken rail bridge off the Cedar River trail, and… a dog (while he’s not famous, I’d be proud to display that portrait if he were mine).

    1. While I know you’re not an Apple fan, the first two were shot & edited on an iPhone. If work ever issues you an iPhone; I’d highly recommend you check out Camera+. It’s the best photo app out there and I really, really wish they made it for Android.

      As for the dog, he was shot using my real camera and the owners must be used to people asking if they can photograph him (as they helped out a lot in getting that shot).

  2. I’ve seen some impressive iPhone photos (while even Android fanboys agree that the camera in my Galaxy Nexus is bad). Mark my words, if work gives me an iPhone, I’ll put it through its paces considerably (and probably have a lot of fun in the process).

    1. I wouldn’t say the camera in the Galaxy Nexus is bad. It’s just not as good as it should be for as expensive a phone as it is.

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