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-4 and heavily overcast here in Iowa. I could see a smudge of lighter colored clouds but that was it. *sigh* I guess I’ll be trying again in 2010.

In response to Shaky Eclipse by John Scalzi.


Like others in this thread, I didn’t care for the camera shake. It wasn’t bad enough to make me leave the theater but it definitely made me queasy. As for the storyline to the movie…. meh. While most of the characters had a good line or two; I didn’t them. Any of them. In fact, I would go so far as to say my main complaint with the movie is one of them might have survived. I would have preferred a clean sweep of character deaths.

In response to the Cloverfield thread on the Whateveresque forums.

Temp Cat™ Requires a Name

From the look on the Temp Cat â„¢’s face, I’d say he should be named for a villain of some sort. My first choice would have been Ming The Merciless, but I want to win a free book and that’s already been suggested (darn you JD Blackwell!). So my suggestions are:

  1. Adelei Niska
  2. Professor James Moriarty
  3. Count Orlok
  4. Arnold Zeck
  5. Macavity

In response to Temp Cat™ Requires a Name by John Scalzi.

Borne Ultimatum

First movie had little to no shaky cam. Second movie had enough to annoy me and trigger my wife’s motion sickness. I guess I’ll be renting the third movie some day when the wife’s not around then. Thanks for the warning Les!

In response to SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “The Borne Ultimatum.” by Les.

E.T. in the Sky

Looks more like E.T. reaching out his finger to “phone home” than what you linked to.

In response to A Somewhat Omnious Cloud Shape Today of All Days by John Scalzi.

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