Borne Ultimatum

First movie had little to no shaky cam. Second movie had enough to annoy me and trigger my wife’s motion sickness. I guess I’ll be renting the third movie some day when the wife’s not around then. Thanks for the warning Les!

In response to SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “The Borne Ultimatum.” by Les.


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I went to this movie with Denise and two friends. My very uncomfortable friend Steve remarked after the movie, “there was absolutely no slow part to that movie … outta my way!”

I’ve only seen the shaky-cam used to good effect in a few places. For instance, the space sequences in Battlestar Galactica. But shakiness aside, this movie was thrilling action action action all the way through. There were plot points that were very intelligently done. The pace kept tension high, the action was really well choreographed, and there was extermely limited use of the “he’s the hero/sacred cow, so he gets lucky a lot”.

That said, don’t see this movie expecting a brilliantly thought-out piece of art. There are some huge holes, and some typical hollywoodisms. It might not be fair, but I happened to watch Fellowship of The Ring the day after going to see this, and it made me realize the myriad ways Bourne III fell short.

But man, was there good action.

Which is pretty much all I expect out of any of the Bourne movies and why I’ll definitely end up renting it. I may even rent it when Michelle is around, as shaky cam is much less a problem for her on the TV than on the big screen.

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