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Over the weekend, Ariesna and I went to the Robert Burn’s dinner put on by HAGGIS. It was fun, though I did end up slightly annoyed. As none of our raffle tickets won anything and my friend Greg won a bottle of wine… just after he left. *grumble, grumble* Then on Sunday, I wasn’t feeling so hot which blew up into a full-blown cold today. Bah-humbug.

Still, being home all day gave me a chance to catch up on watching some of the anime I’ve been downloading. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not, which means I’ve got more to watch but I’ve also deleted some to free up drive space. More free drive space, means I can download more newer stuff. 🙂

In other news, one of my slightly, older posts has been getting a bit of attention from somebody out there. I guess I’ll have to keep watching that post to see how the discussion goes.

Fantastic Four

The next Marvel Comics movie, the Fantastic Four is due out 1 July 2005 and their official website went live sometime today. Apple has a trailer up for the movie and as I expected it looks like crap. What makes me doubly annoyed is that the choose to use one of the coolest super villians of the Marvel universe1 but it appears they’ve “modernized” him. One of the cool things about him was that instead of using his superscience to make a perfectly human looking mask; it had those old-school rivets & cast-iron look to it. From the brief glimpse of him that we get during the trailer, it appears they’ve taken away all the rivets and completely smooth over the metal of his mask. Ah well, I’ll probably still end up going to see it (or at least renting it at some point). After all, it wouldn’t be fair to completely lamblast it without watching it once. 😀

1 Who? Why that would be Dr. Doom of course! *sheesh* That was a silly question.

“don’t paint over their lollipop trees.”

Been feeling a bit burned out lately, too many weeks of running around doing stuff and not enough down time, I suspect (hence the lack of posts and lack of Ant-Boy).

Anyway, while taking a break I ran across this article over at CSM. I’ve felt that frustration as well when I was younger. Back in a high school painting class I took; I was working on painting a lighthouse on an icy shore. The teacher came over and said my waves were wrong, took the brush from my hand and painted the waves the way she thought they should be. After all these years1, I still feel somewhat annoyed/bitter that she did that. Ah well, not much I can do about it.

Our assignment was to paint watercolor landscapes. I painted trees with round tops, modeled after the pruned trees I saw as I walked to school each morning. I liked my painting; my teacher did not. She said my trees looked like lollipop trees; that they didn’t look like real trees, although they looked like the trees I knew.

Mrs. E picked up a paintbrush and painted over my trees to make them look the way she thought trees should look.

For the rest of my school years, I never voluntarily took an art class.

Anyway to Mrs. Kennar I say, though I’m not a teacher and I did continue taking art classes2 in high school and into college; I’ll never paint over your lollipop trees.

1 While I’ve been told that I look much older than my actual age (28); I’ve been through enough other experiences that thinking high school feels like I’m trudging through ancient history.
2 Though perhaps not surprisingly, I haven’t done any painting since I took that class.

WordPress Default Category

There’s one thing about WP that has been annoying me a lot and it’s that the default category option doesn’t work (see bug # 0000182 for details). Since this is so annoying to me and the issue appears to be fairly low on the developers’ schedule; I decided to start investigating the issue myself. I found that check what you’ve set the default category to by running this SQL query against your WP database:

SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='default_category'

For a bit there, I also thought I’d figured out which function should be calling this sort of query but after a bit more digging into my options; I realized that on my test install, I’d enabled the Advanced editing controls. Bah, back to the drawing board. Well, back to the drawing board tomorrow; I’m getting too tired tonight to continue digging through WP’s code to figure out the problem any further.

Oh and for the record, I’m not the only one that is annoyed by this.

Reflections on Japan

I’ve been back in the States for a few days now and I’ve been meaning to1 write a little something reflecting back on the trip; however with jet lag and what not2, I’ve been a bit too tired to write anything up. Since I received a friendly reminder about it from AWelkin; I figure I better hurry up and write something. First off, let’s get the gushy fan-boyishness out of the way. Going to Japan was an amazing experience and something that I am very glad that I had the opportunity to do. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some of the impressions that I’m left with from my visit to Japan.
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