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Welcome to CB.net!

Hi, I’m Mark (aka Manzabar1). If you want to know more about me; well, you’ll just have to keep reading this blog and see what you can learn as I go along.

I’ve had this domain for a short time now and finally plunked down the moolah to get a proper host for it (thank you Digital Sense Hosting).

I imagine if you’ve probably got some questions about the who/what/why of CoffeeBear.net, so here are some of the answers. If you have a question that’s not answered in this post; contact me and I’ll reply. Though if your question is too personal, then the reply might be no more than “I’m not going to answer that.”
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New Toy

As mentioned in a post earlier today, I got a new toy this weekend. I probably shouldn’t have, but Ariesna kind of ambushed me into doing it and I’ve researched my choice of toy enough to know that I’m going to like it.

What is the new toy you ask? I finally got myself a new camera. My old one was a Pentax K1000 SE (all manual, 35mm). My new one is a Canon PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH. It’s a 5 megapixel camera but it’s teeny-tiny (roughly the size of a deck of playing cards) and the best part is that even my bear paws fit on the thing without smashing half the buttons. There’s a nice wide, clear spot on the back to put my right thumb, the lens is shifted enough to the left (as seen from the back of the camera) so that I’ve got room to put my fingers across the front of the camera giving me a fairly, solid grip. The left side is a bit more crowded, but there’s enough room on the top & bottom of the camera that I can steady it when needed. The zoom on this camera is nothing to write home about (3x optical, 12x digital) but that’s the price you pay for compactness. I’ve only played with it a little bit so far, but I can say that I’m really digging it. Though my co-workers are a bit annoyed seeing the flash go off. That’s ok; I won’t be taking any more pictures around the office (for now) and will delete the test shots that I made. Though I do plan on carrying this camera with me everywhere, since it’s so small and since there’s been so many times that I’ve wished I was carrying a camera.

Oh and in a related note, though the camera’s specs say it only works with Windows & Macintosh computers; I was able to browse/download the photos on the camera using Digikam under SuSE Linux 9.0 Pro under KDE 3.2.2. Score!

Right, back to work for me. Again. *sigh*

Ahhh, now that was a weekend!

We’re just returning to work after a 3 day week (hope everybody enjoyed their Memorial day) and it was sooo nice not to have to get up & come to work yesterday. Alas, I’ve to find anybody to sponsor me to live without working; so I’m back to work today. :p Not too much to report about the weekend; I slept late everyday and didn’t do very much other than that.

Friday night, Ariesna and I visited our friend Bryon (and Sekhmet and Baset and Toby-san and Cap’n Jack). We all went out to this sub-shop in Vinton that Ariesna & I had never been to and it was fabulous! They have a similar setup to the Quiznos chain, but they do a much better job. Then we went back to Bryon’s place and watched some anime. I can’t quite recall the title right now, but I’ll look it up later and add it in the comments or update this post. It was cool and I’ve bumped it higher on my playlist (at the moment, I’m watching PlanetES).

Saturday, we basically slept the day away and the same for most of Sunday. Monday, we only slept have the day away and then went out to do some shopping. I got some new shirts and a new toy, but I’m not talking about that yet because I’m going to surprise some of my co-workers with it first (and I know at least one of them reads this blog).


Back to reality and time for the reviews….

I finished reading The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint and while it wasn’t bad; there’s definitely a sense that I read this book out of order from the series it appears to be in. There were issues that somewhat came up that never got really explained and that annoyed me to some extent but they weren’t vital to the story; so it wasn’t too big of an issue. The other thing I noticed about this book is how different the writing style is from what I generally read.

Most authors that I like tend to dump massive amounts of detail on you with a shovel. Mr. de Lint didn’t do that; instead, he only gave a bare minimum of detail and spent the rest of the pages dealing with the emtions & personality of the characters. It took me a bit to get into the book; but once I really got going with it, I found it most enjoyable. Overall, I give it 3.75 out of 5 points.

Then I went ahead and read The Little Country also by Charles de Lint and found it to be a much better book. The story was much richer in detail and I found it easier to empathize with the characters in this book; as compared to the ones in The Onion Girl. It probably helps that this is set over in Cornwall and I’ve always wanted to visit the British Isles. 😀 Overall, I’d give this book 4.25 out of 5 points.

Oh and next up, I’ll be reading Elizabeth Peter’s Children of the Storm.

Holy Silly Sayings!

Ok, I might have misspelled that title but it should be close enough to give you an idea of what this musing is about. You see, I was sitting at my desk waiting for the program to finish processing some data (so I could double-check the results) when my mind started wondering and it occurred to me that we all have our own odd little sayings. Given that I haven’t anything better to do at the moment, as the computer is especially slow today); I figured that I’d share a few of mine with you. If the topic interests you, feel free to leave a few of your own sayings in the comments or post something on your blog.

  • “Just another day in paradise, wish I were there.”: I use this one alot at work when people ask me how I’m doing. It’s not that I hate my job or anything like that. It’s just that actually working for a living tends to get me down a bit. Ok, that sounds really pathetic… Ah screw it, when I was a kid there were basically 2 things that I wanted to do: be an astronaut and to have enough money to do whatever I want whenever I want. As neither one of those happened, I’m going to use them as my excuse for disliking working for a living. Don’t laugh at me too hard for my dislike of work, after all I actually do my job, rather than try to sponge my livelyhood off of the welfare system.
  • “Wassup, cheesewhiz”: To be perfectly honest, I only use this one on a particular friend of mine and neither of us remembers when or why I started it. We think there was some sort of story or incident that sparked it. The wassup is optional and may be randomly replaced with Hey, ya.
  • Raise your right hand in front of you with the middle 3 fingers extended and the palm facing you, “I’d tell you to read between the lines but I don’t think you’re that smart!” Then lower the outer 2 fingers, so only your middle finger is still extended. I use this when I’m annoyed with one of my friends and want to insult them. Ok, it’s not nice but then I never honestly claimed I was a nice guy.
  • “Soka”: This one I picked up from watching a lot of anime and I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m saying it wrong, misinterrpreting it or at least misspelling it; however from what I can tell, it basically means I understand. After watching all the anime that I have and reading the sort of Sci-Fi books I like; I would venture to say it’s similar to saying I grok you.

Well, my program just finished processing; so it’s time to get back to real work.

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