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Pukka’s Links of the Week

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Sorry this is late, with the site problems I was having I forgot to publish it!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers 2

Ariesna was off picking up more phat loot from relatives & friends at a bridal shower, while I balanced my checkbook. I walked over to the store to mail the bills (and grab a bit of lunch). I decided that I’d take my camera along with me today and I’ve posted two best pictures I took on that short walk in the Gallery. They’re not really all that special but still kind of nice and I really should be taking more pictures with the camera. *shrug* Not sure why I don’t, besides just being lazy. Ah well, there’s probably a lot of things I should be doing more of than I am and that’s not all that likely to be changing anytime soon.


Just a bunch of links that I’ve picked up in the last week or 2 that interested me…

Drawn! is a new group blog about illustration, art, and cartooning:

Stephen Colbert, from The Daily Show, interview:

80’s TV Commercials:

Build your own magnetic spice rack:

Interesting Science Friday:

A “downloadable TV show” mentioned on Slashdot:

Some sort of online, short film recommended to me by Pukka:

Ain’t It Cool News visits Pixar:

Wicked Cool Latte Art, links via Boing Boing

Camera Hacks is a community website to share tips/tricks/tutorials/links to info on cameras (digital or film):

Speaking of TV shows

I also happened to catch tonight’s CSI and while I enjoyed it; I did feel somewhat cheated. See, Wil Wheaton was one of tonight’s guest stars and since I regular read Mr. Wheaton’s blog I’d been rather looking forward to this episode. Unfortunately, Mr. Wheaton really only seemed to get a very few minutes in front of the camera and while I did enjoy the performance… I guess I was expecting more. More what exactly, I’m not entirely sure but I suppose I was hoping to see Mr. Wheaton have a chance to really get into his role on the screen. *shrug* Ah well, nice work Mr. Wheaton and here’s hoping that this leads to more jobs for you!

Vivid Flower

Vivid Flower

Recently, I was going through some of my old photos and ran back across this one. I rather liked it, so I decided to toss it up here on my site. That I actually like this photo is a bit of an oddity as I do not usually care all that much for reds or other bright, vivid colors like this. Still, the extreme closeup1, the lines (veins?) on the petals and the pink bits so bright they’re almost silver running across the top of the folds in the petals just really work for me. *shrug* Go figure.

Oh and as long as I’m talking about photos today; I should mention my experience with a Kodak Picture Machine. These are those stations you see in grocery stores and Wal-Marts to make enlargements or whatever from either prints you already have or directly from the digital media that your camera uses. There are a couple of things to keep in mind about these things.

  1. It’s basically an underpowered PC with a fancy interface stuck ontop. So expect it to be slow.2
  2. Enlargments, to 8×10, made from standard prints will look grainy and the colors will be a bit off.
  3. When planning to use the machine, make sure you leave yourself plenty of extra time in case somebody else is using it already. I stood behind another customer for probably 20 minutes or so before I could get up to the machine to use it myself. Oh, how I wish I’d had my iPod on me during that wait!

1 It’s a pretty extreme closeup for my digital camera, though others do have a better macro mode and could get in closer.
2 To be fair, it’s probably not that slow but having to stand there while it does its thing makes it seem extremely slow.

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