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Thank you Canon!

Five years, one month and three days ago, I bought myself a Canon PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH digital camera. Around this time last year, I gave the camera up for dead but never got around to chucking it out and now I’m very glad I never did. Then around a month or two back, I heard via SEB that there was a recall on some Canon cameras where they would fix the camera at no cost even if the waranty had expired. I checked the service notice and saw my camera was covered by it.I contacted Canon, followed their instructions, shipped my camera to them and had it back in my hands (and working!) in about 2 weeks. Very nice!

Alas poor PowerShot, I knew you well…

*sigh* My lovely, little Canon PowerShot S500 is effectively dead. I’m getting this blend of purple color across all my photos. I’ve tried correcting the photos in GIMP, but the way the purple blends across about half the image makes it extremely difficult to do so. I’ll keep poking at it and maybe try loading CHDK on it to see if that fixes it. And before you ask, yes the extended warranty ran out a month ago. *double sigh*

Red Flowers

Red Flowers by Manzabar | Flickr.com

I haven’t felt much like writing anything here of late, but I started to get into the habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere. Since the camera is handy, I’m taking more photos1. When I walked out of the house the other day, the light on this bush in our appealed to me

1 Just snapshots really.

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