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Site Updates

4th of July Fireworks

I finally got around to updating the Gallery‘s CSS to better match the styling of the rest of the site; plus I added some of the more interesting photos that I took during our local 4th of July celebrations. I’ve also tweaked the About page by adding back in a sketch of the site’s mascot. I’ve got a better sketch in my pad, but I need to get that scanned so I can post it. The problem is the wife’s computer was the only one with an ISA slot for the adapter card for the ancient scanner I have and her machine recently died. Of course, even if her machine was fully running; there’d be the bigger problem of trying to get it to run under SuSE. I don’t think SuSe has ever been able to detect the card, much less the scanner itself, though the XSane project does show the scanner as one that is supported.

Pukka’s Links of the Week

This week’s links:

Not from Pukka, but still a funny/disturbing flash game (hence entirely appropriate for PLotW) Kitten Cannon. My high score is 1337 ft; can you do better?

Samurai Panda

Samurai Panda

Quite some time ago, I ran across a blog called SamuraiPanda.com1. I really liked the title but had to admit I was disappointed to not find any images of pandas in samurai armor on the site. So I ended up sketching one, scanning it and promptly forgot about all about it. Then tonight while searching my computer for a different image; I ran across that one and decided to go ahead and post it for your pleasure.

1 No, I do not recall how I ran across it.

Site Oddities

WP has released version 1.5.1 and I’m finally going to upgrade CoffeeBear.net. You may notice this site looking/acting very oddly during this process. If this happens to you, please try back later.

[2005-05-09 17:48 (GMT-06:00)] Update: I’ve completed updating my installation of WordPress to 1.5.1 and have turned on the new theme for WP that I’ve been working on for a while. The gallery is still styled like CoffeeBear’s old theme, but I’ll see about updating that later. I wanted to go ahead and use the new theme once I upgraded and I wanted to go ahead and update to avoid some of the massive amounts of trackback/pingback spam that I’ve been getting hit with.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers 2

Ariesna was off picking up more phat loot from relatives & friends at a bridal shower, while I balanced my checkbook. I walked over to the store to mail the bills (and grab a bit of lunch). I decided that I’d take my camera along with me today and I’ve posted two best pictures I took on that short walk in the Gallery. They’re not really all that special but still kind of nice and I really should be taking more pictures with the camera. *shrug* Not sure why I don’t, besides just being lazy. Ah well, there’s probably a lot of things I should be doing more of than I am and that’s not all that likely to be changing anytime soon.

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