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Moving Day

Those of you who know me personally have probably heard I’m moving. Well, tomorrow is the big day! Due to the move, it’s unlikely I’ll be online much1 for the next few days. If you must get in contact with me, your best bet is to send me a note via my Gmail account. If you’re not sure what that email addy is you can try using .

1 We won’t even have working Internet service at the house until Tuesday at the earliest.

Collecting :) Whew!!!!!!!!

I’m currently taking a break from packing up our stuff. If you don’t realize this, Manzabar and Ariesna are moving to a house finally.

I’ve never realized how much stuff a couple like Manzabar and myself have collected over the past years. There is stuff everywhere imaginable in the apartment. Things that were conveniently put into places until we could find a location for them. This is going to be a big move!! We will probably spend more than the one weekend taking stuff to and fro. The major packing day is really for the furniture if anything else.

Manzabar and I did get a really cool refrigerator. I can’t wait to have my very own laundry utility area with our brand new washer and dryer. I will no longer have to tolerate others for them and also the people who keep taking out others laundry….Don’t get me started on that one.

I LOVE my new home. It is double the size of the apartment. It is very unique and in a great location. Trust me the taxes show that we are in a great location. But it was what we were searching for. We couldn’t believe that we could get this nice of a home without major work being needed.



Over the weekend, Ariesna and I went to the CPL to check out their latest book sale. She got a bit ahead of me looking around as I was carrying out picks. I was about to move to the next room to catch up to her when it happened. Suddenly I felt a sharp, red-hot pain stabbing into my back. I managed to get over to Ariesna and set the books down, but it was something of a close call. We left the library shortly after that to go home and set me up with a heating pad. A bit of heat, some back pain meds and my back was feeling better. I took the day easy sitting down, reading a book.

I was still mighty tired the next day. Every time I had turned over in my sleep; I was half awakened by pain in my back. But awake eventually I was and into the shower I went. I’d just finished my shower and was drying off when another spasm ripped through my back. This one was much worse and nearly sent me to my knees. Ariesna came back and helped me. Then she called the doctor’s office and made an appointment to get me checked out. I spent the rest of the day lying down on a heating pad.

Monday, the doctor checked me out. He prescribed some pain killers and a muscle relaxant. He also set up an appointment for me to visit a physical therapist. That appointment was earlier today. The therapist was a really nice lady. She had me describe my problem. She then had me go through a series of stretches and movements to help her figure out exactly what is wrong. She told me she believes one of the discs in my spine (in the border area between the lumbar and thoracic) has a small tear.

She immediately moved to reassure me this is not something that will require surgery. I don’t think I was looking at her nervously, so I’m not entirely sure why she leaped to get that bit of information out. Though if I were to guess, I would say most of her patients are considerably older than I am and they do not like even the hint of possible surgery.

Anyway, she instructed me in doing a couple of light exercises designed to ease the tension in my back and which should improved the blood flow along the damaged area. She said these exercises should be enough for my back to heal itself correctly. Provided I keep in mind for my back to heal properly, I have to be extra cautious about it for a couple of months. She recommended I think about the damage like it was a broken bone. Even if I am feeling 100% in a few days or a week, I’m still to take it easy on my back.

Whee, such fun. Ah well, at least I haven’t promised to help anybody moving anytime soon. :p

Changing Webhosts

I’m going to be moving the CoffeeBear.net from Digital Sense Hosting to Web Key Design. I’m making this move for 2 reasons and neither of them is any real fault of Digital Sense.
Reason #1: I can get pretty much the same package from Web Key Design as I can from Digital Sense Hosting, but for a couple bucks cheaper over the year.
Reason #2: Web Key Design is being run by a friend of mine.

This change over will be happening sometime in the next few days and may cause some temporary interrupt in our daily waste of your time. We apologize for any extra work that you may have to do as a result of this interruption and appreciate your patience.

Update [05 June 2005, 12:46 (-06:00 GMT)]: The move to the new webhost has been completed and everything (except for the SSGSPDS pages) appears to be working correctly. I’m working on getting that last bit setup correctly on the new host, but it might be a couple of days yet before it’s functional. If you do encounter any problems with CoffeeBear.net; let me know. Thanks!

Update [07 June 2005, 22:19 (-06:00 GMT)]: the SSGSPDS pages are now up and running again. All praise WKD for their assistance in this matter! 🙂

More iPod/iTunes Fun

Lately, I’ve been having problems with iTunes seeing my iPod and letting me transfer new songs to it. I’ve fought with this issue before but I don’t know what’s causing it now. I tried moving the Firewire cable to another of the Firewire jacks on my computer but that wasn’t helping. Then this morning, I booted into Windows to get the latest freebies from iTunes and it (sort of) detected the iPod correctly.

Initially, it acted as though I was attaching a new iPod, but then it was able to see all my playlists and other songs on it. As an added bonus, iTunes also automatically forwarded me to page where I could download a free music sampler. Most likely, you too can get the album by going to: iTunes New Music Sampler (Atlantic/Lava Edition)

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