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Moving Day

Those of you who know me personally have probably heard I’m moving. Well, tomorrow is the big day! Due to the move, it’s unlikely I’ll be online much1 for the next few days. If you must get in contact with me, your best bet is to send me a note via my Gmail account. If you’re not sure what that email addy is you can try using .

1 We won’t even have working Internet service at the house until Tuesday at the earliest.

Collecting :) Whew!!!!!!!!

I’m currently taking a break from packing up our stuff. If you don’t realize this, Manzabar and Ariesna are moving to a house finally.

I’ve never realized how much stuff a couple like Manzabar and myself have collected over the past years. There is stuff everywhere imaginable in the apartment. Things that were conveniently put into places until we could find a location for them. This is going to be a big move!! We will probably spend more than the one weekend taking stuff to and fro. The major packing day is really for the furniture if anything else.

Manzabar and I did get a really cool refrigerator. I can’t wait to have my very own laundry utility area with our brand new washer and dryer. I will no longer have to tolerate others for them and also the people who keep taking out others laundry….Don’t get me started on that one.

I LOVE my new home. It is double the size of the apartment. It is very unique and in a great location. Trust me the taxes show that we are in a great location. But it was what we were searching for. We couldn’t believe that we could get this nice of a home without major work being needed.


Feelin’ Giddy!

Before I explain why I’m feeling giddy, I’d like to thank one of my readers by the name of Robin. Yes, you Robin. I didn’t reply to your email before now as it got accidentally caught by my spam filters. Sorry about that. When I read your offer to advise my wife & I; I was totally flabbergasted that a total stranger would offer to do that for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t see your offer until after things have been settled upon. So thank you very much for the incredibly generous offer of your time and expertise!

Which brings me back to why I’m feeling so giddy today. Ariesna & I made an offer on the house we’ve been looking at and the offer was accepted! We take possession next month1 and begin our journey as first-time home buyers. The house is a charming, older home in a great neighborhood. Hardwood floors, central air, a basement (pretty much required if you live in Iowa), ceiling fans in most of the rooms2 and the neighborhood is loaded with mature trees. We were at the house today taking a final look through before putting in the offer. The a/c was off but with the windows open and all the trees in neighborhood; it was perfectly comfortable. Compare that to the apartment we’ve been living in for 8 years with a window a/c unit stuck into the wall of our living room and with all of our windows facing to WEST. It’s going to be heaven once we’re moved into the house. As an added bonus to the house, my daily commute to work will drop down to about 15 minutes. Sure that’s not as good the 5 minute commute I used to have with the old job, but it’s massively better than the 30-45 minute commute I’ve got now. Did I mention how the neighborhood is loaded with trees? I just love that part. 😀

1 Technically, we’re setting up an appointment with a house inspector for next weekend to check over the entire house for problems. However the house has been very well maintained, so we do not expect him to find any problems that would kill the deal.
2 1 in the living room, 1 in a sitting area on the top floor, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in each bedroom. Though the one in the master bedroom will have to go, as the ceilings are a little low in there and I can look directly at the blades of the fan without standing on tippy-toes. Sometimes being tall can really suck. :p

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