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Ladies of the Internet, you missed your chance! By the time you’re reading this, my fiance Ariesna and I will have completed exchanging our wedding vows and will be shoving cake into each other’s faces1. I’ve known that this day was coming up for some time, but it hadn’t really sunk in what was happening until the rehearsal tonight2 at the church. The sun was shining down and flooding the church with light. My groomsmen were following me to the front of the church and would crack into “Whistle While You Work” or something equally silly. We got to the alter area and we waited for the bride’s maids to come up and finally for Ariesna to be walked up my her father. Then we were holding hands and she was staring up into my eyes with this smile that just radiated joy at me. I’m pretty sure the pastor said something or other to us, but I wasn’t really paying attention to him at that point. I did hear something about practicing our kiss and that part went really well. Then it was all over and back to my Mom’s place to finish up a few last minute things before I headed back to the apartment while Ariesna headed down to her parent’s place.

I’m sure that seems horrendously old fashioned but we’re not going to get to see each other until we show up at the church for our day of wedding bliss3. She’ll show up at the church and get changed into some sort of remarkably girly wedding dress that I’ve yet to see. I’ll show up fully outfitted in my kilt. Yup, a kilt. I’ve got some Scottish blood in my veins and over the past couple of years, I’ve become more interested in that side of my ancestry. Back in the early stages of planning these festivities, I decided too get a kilt and wear it at the wedding. Many of my male friends and family have mocked this decision, particularly after learning what the full outfit cost but I think it’s a good investment. Though I do have to wish I’d found those online kilt rental places earlier so I could have the groomsmen in kilts too. Perhaps then they’d not be so quick to make snide remarks about me wearing a “dress”. Oh and that reminds me, I’ve heard and read many a good quip as a reply to what is worn under a kilt. Most of them I just laugh off, but I’ve got one that works for me. When asked by my oldest brother what I planned to wear beneath my kilt; I told him if he really wants to know, he has to buy a ticket from Ariesna to find out. :p

I apologize if this post seems even more rambling than my usual babblings… But I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I’m swamped. So now I’m off to get some rest; because as you know, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

1 Note: I am under a threat of pain of death if I get any cake on her dress; so I’ll probably be all nice and gentle when I feed her that first piece of wedding cake.
2 I’m writing this post shortly before midnight on Friday, 6 May 2005 but I’m going to change the date/time of the post so that it doesn’t appear until the wedding ceremony has begun. I may get my past/present/future tenses a bit mixed up because of this, but you’ll just have to cope with that.
3 And yes, we’ve already heard many, many, MANY times about the lady from Georgia who had her break down and ran away to Alberqueque. Rest assured safe guards are in place so we won’t be kidnapped and so that neither one of us goes any further insane than we already are. Thank you for being the 900th idjit to make that joke to us.

Portal Updated

I took a moment to update my Portal today, as I realized that I’d started classifying some of my links in WP as things that the page wasn’t setup to display. After doing that, I noticed blogs that I’d not read for a while and took a quite trip over to Uncommon Woman‘s site. After catching up on her recent posts, I looked over her blogroll and just clicked a bunch to take a look at what she reads. I thought Feministe had a nice design, so I took a closer look at her posts and that lead me to Cat Town.

For the record, laughing so hard you snort your hot tea will clear your sinuses up (at least a little bit) but it’s bloody painful. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to burn in heck for laughing at it.

Did Bush REALLY Win?

Well, I gotta put this here too. I am trying to keep my political stuff mostly in the political groups, but you guys should probably know that there’s a strong possibility that the elections were hacked, and that as a result we have Bush. I don’t see this as a conservative or liberal issue. I see this as an integrity issue that ALL Americans should be concerned about. Our first clue should have been that the exit polls indicated almost the opposite of what happened.

For more of the above posting go give this a read.

If a post of a LiveJournal user isn’t good enough for you, try these sites on for size:

For exta fun, we have a report coming out of Cincinnati of how the election officials locked out the media “citing concerns about potential terrorism.”

County officials say they took the action Tuesday night for homeland security, although state elections officials said they didn’t know of any other Ohio county that closed off its elections board. Media organizations protested, saying it violated the law and the public’s rights. The Warren results, delayed for hours because of long lines that extended voting past the scheduled close of polls, were part of the last tallies that helped clinch President Bush’s re-election.

Call me a crackpot if you will, but I’m siding with the media on this one. There was no transparency in that count and the public’s right to know was violated by the Warren county election officials. Now let’s take a look at a couple of other snippets from the article:

A representative of The Associated Press, which had stringers at every Ohio board of elections site, said no such election-night access problems were reported outside of Warren County.

County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel said commissioners “were within their rights” to restrict building access.
Having reporters and photographers around could have interfered with the count, she said.

Does it strike anybody else as odd that no other county in Ohio made any sort of notice about similar concerns? Or that not one other county had a problem with letting the media observe the count? According to Ms. Hutzel’s biography, posted on Warren County’s official website, she has been both the President and Treasurer of the Republican Women’s Club. Ms. Hutzel, if you don’t mind; please explain exactly how the media could have interfered?

Still not convinced that this election stinks? Go to Black Box Voting and see what they have to say about the security and tamperability of America’s electronic voting machines.

“don’t paint over their lollipop trees.”

Been feeling a bit burned out lately, too many weeks of running around doing stuff and not enough down time, I suspect (hence the lack of posts and lack of Ant-Boy).

Anyway, while taking a break I ran across this article over at CSM. I’ve felt that frustration as well when I was younger. Back in a high school painting class I took; I was working on painting a lighthouse on an icy shore. The teacher came over and said my waves were wrong, took the brush from my hand and painted the waves the way she thought they should be. After all these years1, I still feel somewhat annoyed/bitter that she did that. Ah well, not much I can do about it.

Our assignment was to paint watercolor landscapes. I painted trees with round tops, modeled after the pruned trees I saw as I walked to school each morning. I liked my painting; my teacher did not. She said my trees looked like lollipop trees; that they didn’t look like real trees, although they looked like the trees I knew.

Mrs. E picked up a paintbrush and painted over my trees to make them look the way she thought trees should look.

For the rest of my school years, I never voluntarily took an art class.

Anyway to Mrs. Kennar I say, though I’m not a teacher and I did continue taking art classes2 in high school and into college; I’ll never paint over your lollipop trees.

1 While I’ve been told that I look much older than my actual age (28); I’ve been through enough other experiences that thinking high school feels like I’m trudging through ancient history.
2 Though perhaps not surprisingly, I haven’t done any painting since I took that class.

Quiz Day, Part 2

What Beatle are you?

John Lennon
You enjoy poetry, painting & a fine wine.
A lover not a fighter.
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As a Hufflepuff and as an SFJ, you are loyal, just, and industrious. You are bound by your sense of duty and always try to do the right thing, which makes you reliable, dependable, and above all else, responsible. You expect a great deal from yourself and from others, and you take great pride in doing things right. You are down-to-earth, decisive, and trustworthy. As your friends no doubt recognize, you are also friendly, sympathetic, and nurturing.

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To the first quiz, while I like that it comes up as Lennon; I have yet to drink a glass of wine that I really liked so that part seems bogus to me.
To the second quiz, Milo Hamwich says “BAH!”

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