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Like many wage slaves in the US today, I recently had to fill out a self-evaluation form. After doing so, I started to wonder what these useless time wasters would look like if both the employer & employee were being completely honest…
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I’ll fix it later, promise!

I just noticed that my contact form is currently busted, but as I’m at my day job; there’s nothing I can do about it for now. I’ll try to get it fixed either over my lunch hour or later tonight. In the meantime, if you absolutely must contact me the easiest way will be to post a comment to this entry. Thanks!

Update: I’m home for lunch and just tried to fix this but didn’t have any luck and it’s about time for me to head back to work. I’ll try working on this some more later tonight.

Update (08 April 2005, 1:47pm: I did try last night to get the contact form up and running again but didn’t have any luck; so that page is down until further notice. Currently, I’m looking at a different solution for having the page when I upgrade to WP 1.5 which shouldn’t be too far off.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing happening that I feel like talking about right this minute, so I’ll just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Please pardon our mess

I installed WP 1.2.1 tonight and am in the process of restoring some of the hacks/plugins that I use for CoffeeBear.net. If you notice any oddities or problems; please let me know.

Also, I’m sending a trackback on this entry to Craig Hartel‘s site to try double-checking on whether or not trackbacks are broken in WP 1.2.1.

Thanks to my readers. Apologies to Craig for picking on his blog.

QotD: soulless lemmings

While reading a blog, I followed a link they had to another blog whose design they liked. I pulled up the source code of the 2nd blog to try getting some idea of how they put their site together and found this delightful commentary in the comments:

Meta information was once really useful, but thanks to Google it doesn’t do much for your well being anymore. Kind of like comfort food – it tastes good and it makes you feel cozy but causes a lot of heartburn and gas.

The meta tags you see blow are mostly for show. All rebuilt from vintage 2001 code that was rusting out in a forgotten web site. The interior was re-stitched by hand and features an 800 thread count. I’m not sure if the ‘MSSmartTagsPreventParsing’ is needed anymore but I left it in as a reminder of how much our world is controled by heartless global coporations who seek nothing more than to turn us all into soulless lemmings with a Platinum Card.

Have a nice day!

Quote found on Airbag. Kudos to the Binary Bonsai for the link.

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