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The movie we should have watched last weekend is…

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun isn’t having the greatest of times. The staff at the TV store he works in don’t take him very seriously as temporary boss; his girlfriend Liz has had enough of always meeting at the ‘Winchester’ Arms along with his yob mate; and his relationship with his dad – sorry, step-dad – remaims heavily fraught. And now the undead have risen and are spreading their zombie curse to everyone they can get their teeth into. Just doesn’t seem worth getting out of bed some days.

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Note to Self: When picking movies in the future, make sure you’re picking them because the story/concept appeals and not the special effects.

Review: Steaming pile of poo

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to go and see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Wow was that ever a mistake!

I went in knowing that most of the reviewers out there had said it was bad and about half of the geeks were saying the same1. However the trailers for the movie looked just gorgeous with an impressive style that felt very much like one would expect a 1940’s pulp sci-fi movie to look2, from the giant robots to the cars down to the ray pistol. The one interesting thing about the movie that one should remember is that the entire thing was shot in front of a green screen and there were no locations. All the background stuff was computer-rendered. Then it appears that they pushed the film of the actors through some filters to add a bit of noise & distortion into the film, giving a feeling of being from the 40’s. These computerized specials effects were unfortunately the only good thing about the movie. The writing of the movie was wretched. The acting was sub-par at best. If you wish to know more details, following the (more) link but be warned that there are some spoilers mixed in there.
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A couple of months back, Ariesna and I stayed over at Komainu and Aizuchi‘s house after a gaming session to watch movies. We watched 1 part of this Ju-On that they’d gotten from God only knows where and it was nasty, evil and slightly scary. Well, now Lions Gate films has released it to theaters here in the U.S. Maybe we should all go out and see it, complete and in English. *shudder* Or maybe not…

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