Given that I’m waiting for some fresh code to come back for me to test, I figured I’d take a moment to post my view on the subject. If you’re sensitive to these sorts of issues and would just rather skip this post; stop reading now. Otherwise, click more…

Before I get directly into talking about my views on abortion; I’d like to step back to look at a broader issue. Some of the anti-abortion activists make claims that:

  • God is pro-life.
  • By their actions of blowing up clinics and killing doctors, they were doing God’s work
  • Abortion is murder

First off, I would ask if you think of yourself as having free will or if everything in life is predetermined by God. If you believe the later, than why are you going out and hassling the clinics and doctors? After all, if everything is predetermined by God then God must have approved of what the clinics and doctors are doing. If you believe in the former, then where did you get your free will from? From God perhaps? And if it is the case that God granted you the ability to make your own choices in this world, then doesn’t that mean God is pro-choice?

According to my copy of the Bible, one of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses was “Thou shalt not kill”. Maybe these ant-abortionists that are killing doctors have a different Bible than I do (mine is the Good News Bible that I was given back in Sunday School when I was regularly going to a Presbyterian church) but every copy of the Bible I’ve ever seen does include those Ten Commandments. So if the almighty God has commanded you to not kill; how can it be God’s work to kill doctors and people who work in abortion clinics?

The last of those 3 arguments is the hardest one for me to refute because I think abortion can be murder but it depends on hen the abortion is performed. Late during the pregnancy, I would say there is little doubt that the unborn is alive and even possibly sentinent but the earlier & earlier you get during the pregnancy; the more questionable that becomes. Certainly, the earliest form of the unborn is so entirely different from what we generally consider to be human that I’m not sure it can be considered human life or even be considered to really be alive/sentinent. If an organism isn’t alive, then it’s hard for me to consider it murder to remove it.

Then there’s all sorts of other issues that make pro-choice to seem to be the only reasonable choice to me, issues like:

  • If there’s a medical condition that continuing the pregnancy guarantees that neither the mother or the child will survive
  • There are too many people on this planet already; we’re stretching our resources too thin and you want to bring more people into this screwed up world? That’s just crazy!
  • How many children are out there right now that are stuck in orphanages hoping of having parents?
  • Or are out there starving because they don’t have parents?

As you might have picked up by now, I’m pro-choice. Also for the record, I believe the father should be involved in the abortion design process but the final choice has to belong to the woman because she’s the one that has to live with a child growing inside her for 9 months.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to work. *sigh*

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