Who you callin’ “Old Timer”?

You’ve been here since the dawn of time itself, old timer, and you’ve been biding your time with your eye on the boss’s job.

You deserved to have a promotion. You’ve been here longer than anyone else. Your fingers have become craggy, and you see Excel spreadsheets when you go to sleep at night. More than half your life has been spent at budget meetings, advertising liason sessions, team-building seminars and pub lunches with people you hate. Yet for some reason you’ve been passed over every time in favour of younger, less competent workers.

No more. You’re at the end of your tether. Where’s your gold watch? Where’s your acknowledgement? Your raises? When does your time come around?

Your time is now, hombre.

Give me what's rightfully mine! Or I'll hit you with this brick.
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