Death of Superman

CNN is reporting that actor, Christoper Reeve, died Sunday afternoon. His family has requested that any donations be made to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

Like many people of my generation, Christopher Reeve was Superman. No other actor could ever play the character for us because they weren’t him. He was iconic. He was the massive hero that many of us dreamed of becoming someday. Then when many of us grew up and learned we really were born on Earth and would never develop superpowers; we got somewhat bitter and turned away from our hero. That began to change in 1995 when Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after an equestrian accident.

Christopher Reeve became not the man beneath the cape, not even Clark Kent but rather a regular guy with bigger problems than I hope to ever have to face. And in the face of those problems, Christopher Reeve became a hero again definitively stating that he would walk again, working constantly to try and achieve his goal all the while working to inspire others with to help out those people with similar problems to his.

Mr. Reeve, you will be missed.

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