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Sadness is…

…the emptiness inside.

Liquid Happy

Tower coffee from Brewhemia

Dannon Coffee Yogurt, Take 2

As I find it amazing that people are still commenting on this post, over 3 years after it was written, I decided to buy another cup of the yogurt to see if it had improved since I last tried it.

  • Appearance: No change. This yogurt still looks like something very, very nasty rather than food.
  • Scent: N/A. I made no comment on the scent of the yogurt in my previous review but today’s cup had a pleasant coffee fragrance.
  • Texture: Improved. This cup of yogurt mixed up properly and when eaten was smooth, not chalky.
  • Flavor: Improved but still unpleasant. Today’s cup tasted more like a bad, drip coffee combined with sour cream. Sadly, that actually is an improvement.

Overall today’s cup was significantly better than the previous cup I tried, but still not good enough to get me to eat it again.

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