My Fellow Americans

Those of you who regularly read this blog will not be surprised to learn that I feel disappointed with Bush winning the presidential election. I could spend pages on that topic but won’t as there are others out there who’ve done it better than I could. Instead, I have a few other words to say.

To Senator Kerry

Thank you for your effort; while you were not my first choice for president, I believe you would have fulfilled the duties of the office honorably.

To those Americans who voted

Whether you voted for Kerry, Busy, Nader or one of the other third party candidates; you decided that your voice would not go unheard this year. For that I applaude you; the single most important reasponsibility we have as American citizens is to tell our government what we think. Yesterday, all of you did just that.

To those Americans who did not vote

You owe every dead American soldier an apology. One of the things our country has fought for has been to maintain our democracy; so that we have the ability to choose our leaders. By failing to follow the issues and vote, you insult the memory of every American soldier who ever died for us. For those of you who protest that you were too busy with work/family/whatever; just remember those soldiers had their own families and their own jobs that they gave up to defend your rights. They never got to go back to their families and jobs, but you can every night.

Try thinking about that next time.

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