This post was brought to you via the nagging of Pukka. That’s right Pukka; this post’s for you. :p

Sorry for the lack of regular updates of late but with the holidays coming up; I’ve been kind of busy. Also, I’ve been working on a not-really super, secret project for a friend. Said project needs to be complete by 1 Janurary 2005; so that’s where I’m focusing a good chunk of my enery for now.

However, I will throw out the following bone to clam your rampant desire for more stuff to be happening with This site is now Gravatar enabled. Gravatar is a central service for avatars or user pics. Basically, you sign up with the service, upload an 80×80 image and then on any Gravatar enabled website; your comments will be displayed with your avatar. Mind you the websites can add restrictions to their pages; for example here on, I limit the displayed image to 40×40 and require the image to be rated PG or less. Oh yeah, that’s another thing about Gravatar; though it will let you upload any image you like, the image has to be rated by their staff before you can use it. The end result is that when you leave a comment; you get to have a small picture of yourself (or whatever) attached to that comment. As an extra bonus, that same picture will get used on all other Gravatar enabled sites. Enjoy!

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