Secret Project Notes


  • Added new plugin, so that if comments are disabled; comment link is removed from main page.
  • Found some errors in the server log, moved files to different folder to correct the errors. After fixing the errors, noticed that the styling of certain portions (mood/music) of the project had changed.
  • Fixed database backup plugin, so that it works for project leader
  • Altered site’s styling slightly to better incorporate items in sidebar


  • Fix plugin to sync project with journal.
  • Apologize to project leader for playing with boards and deleting one of her posts… Done
  • Update site to latest version of WP
  • Find/create theme for boards Done: Installed requested theme, though minor tweaking needs to be done yet and project leader will most likely need to update her profile to see new theme.
  • Add a contact page/form?


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Okay, so lj double link still isn’t working for me from la Mac. Yes, the sync box is checked. Do I need to put my password in the blank box? Hmmm?

No, your password actually went into the plugin elsewhere. After some more playing with the plugin; the problem appears to have something to do with how the text is encoded when it is being sent to LJ. In particular, it looks like problems come up when there are quotation marks in the text. I’m looking into the problem now and you may notice another test post appear shortly on your LJ.

Well, still no go for me. Eagerly awaiting your analysis. Well, semi-eagerly. Well, whenever you want to get back to me on it, no hurry whatsoever.

Sorry, had to go back to get some sleep before I could do any more with figuring out what’s wrong with that darn plugin. If you check the boards now; the new theme is in place and I’ve added a “custom graphic” for the board name. Hopefully, you like it. If not, well.. I do believe I have warned you that I’m not a graphic designer. 😀

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