Heck of a surprise!

Heck of a surprise!

After work this evening, Michelle & I walked over to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. On the way back to the apartment, a fire-engine went driving by. I didn’t think much of it; as we live close enough to the fire department that this is a frequent occurance. Then we walked up into the parking lot and saw two fire-engines at the far end of the lot. There were a couple of people standing around but nobody looked paniced and they didn’t have the big hoses out. So we took the groceries inside and then I walked down towards the fire-fighters to try finding out what was going on.

Apparently, it was a small oven fire caused by a piece of oven mitt (or something like that) getting caught in the oven and burning up. I’m not too clear on the details, mostly because they had an extremely noisy fan hooked up to clear whatever smoke was in the building. Overall, there was no need to be alarmed but it was something of a shock to come home to flashing lights with fire-fighters standing around the place.

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  1. intereseting blog 🙂 i found you via geourl. i live in north liberty, IA. it’s kinda interesting to find a close by blogger. not too many bloggers around here.

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