A Real Pill

As previously mentioned, Ariesna & I have been sick for a bit over a week now. So today, instead of taking a “romantic cooking” class through NewPi like we’d been planning; we got a trip to the doctor’s office. Whee…. For extra fun, we each got a Zpak1. I guess that’s a lot better for us than a box of chocolates, but it’s nowhere near as much fun. Still, as I told Ariesna earlier; it’s been a real pill of a day.

1 A 6 pack of azithromycin tables (250mg).


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Oh, the exciting romantic holiday for the first year newlyweds. 🙁 I can’t control the excitement…ZZZZZZ

Well what do you know. Another thing we did without you — the romantic dinner class.

They had to substitute scallops for the halibut (which was then just okay), asparegas for fennel (again, not quite as good), and a lower grade chocolate than planned.

What I’m saying is, lucky you, you didn’t miss a whole lot. (Though the consensus was that the risotto was mmmmwah!)

All this talk of your fun and exciting life is not exactly making me feel better here. :p

Sorry, honey bunny but I really wanted to have a really cool first year married honeymoon with one terrific husband that I adore.

Meh, I’m not worried about it. Not that I really wanted to spend the day sick but you have to play the hand life deals you.

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