Up in Smoke

It was another long, dull morning at the office. Fortunately, the afternoon proved to be quite a bit more interesting. While I was examining an issue reported by one of our beta users; I heard some shouting about a fire from one end of the building. Popping my head up like a good, office gopher; I saw some people rushing about, the overhead lights that was were off and the safety lights were on. Shortly after that I was told a fan in one of the bathrooms had caught on fire, burning/melting some of the plastic of the fan. There was only a little bit of smoke right then and the fire had been put out so I went back to work. Then the smoke got worse and I stood with some co-workers near an exit with the door open to the outside for fresh air. We stayed inside as it had also just started to rain. A few minutes later, we heard sirens and were told to either go to the top floor of the building or outside. I opted to stand outside. After we were out there for something like 20 minutes; we were told to go home for the day. Which was a sweet 90 minutes early, but I had a fearsome headache presumably from the chemical fumes off the burning plastic. What a day.


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And naturally on a day with all this excitement, it would also happen to be the day I did not strap my camera to my belt before leaving the apartment this morning. *sigh*

Oh, I should probably also mention that nobody was hurt during the fire. Though several of us were coughing pretty hard.

Hey, so was this “long, dull morning” at your old job or your new job? Just curious.

What a pathetic corporate attempt to cash in on insurance before shutting down a location.

@Dan: This was at the old job. The new job doesn’t start until next week.

@Ken: They don’t own the building and besides the damage was so very minimal that we were working in the office the next day.

I must admit to being curious who you’ll be working for as a data analyst. Is it in the IC/Coralville area? If you feel like sharing, drop me a line. I recently did a job transition myself.

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