It’s the strangest thing

First off, the lack of recent updates is due to 2 factors:

  1. I’ve been busy with the new job and I don’t really talk about such things here.
  2. Ariesna and I have started some serious house hunting. Well, to be perfectly accurate we’ve seen a house we like and now we’re mortgage hunting.

Still, while I won’t discuss who I work for or what exactly I do for them on this site; I do have to share some thoughts that occur to me at the office. Which brings us back to the title of this post, it’s the strangest thing how different companies treat office supplies. In my old job, there was one stapler provided to each department and it was always jealously guarded. In the new job, I got a stapler given to me practically as soon as I walked in the door. In the old job, the newest computers generally went to the people with the most seniority. In the new one, I got a brand new machine my first day while a co-worker who’s been here a while is still waiting to get a new one. In my old job, if you needed things like paper or pens or whatever, you had to go ask one of the secretaries to get it for you. In my new job, I was shown where to find things in the supply closet on the first day.

Corporate culture is really weird sometimes, but at least here it’s weird in a good way.

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