Ever since I heard WordPress was going to release 2.0.x; I’ve been planning my upgrade. Unfortunately RL kept interferring. Once I got my RL mostly settled down, I started working on those upgrade plans again. But then so many new/cool/wowser themes and plugins were coming out that I ended up scrapping and restarting my plans multiple times. I’ve finally decided to stop scrapping my plans and implement one of them, though this means all my faithful readers will be treated to some sort of blog insanity as I get everything upload, altered, activated, tweaked, upgraded and running the way I want it. After the disruption, I look forward to sharing some new features on this site with you.

And yes, that’s a teaser to make sure you come back once the dust settles around here.

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4 thoughts on “Finally Upgrading

  1. I don’t think flying cars are projected to be released with WordPress until version 346.489731 RC17. As for your “button”, if you’re referring to the avatars next to the comments that used to appear on this site; well, those relied on a plugin/website system called Gravatars. The plugin is still out there for WordPress, but the website really running the system has disappeared. So in the current incarnation of CoffeeBear.net, I’ve replaced Gravatars with something called Favatars. The new system looks for a favicon.ico associated with your website. If you meant something else, you’ll have to let me know.

    BTW, I keep forgetting to mention this to you but the Hy-Vee grocery store we shop at up here in CR carries Coke in glass bottles from Mexcio. Since you’ve got that Coke machine in your garage; I thought you would be interested.

  2. Thanks, but I was referring to actual flying cars. 🙂

    Favatars are a PITA, and terribly un-user-friendly. Welcome to the future, I suppose. I do like the look of your site, though.

  3. *shrug* I’d agree that Favatars aren’t as userfriendly as Gravatars were, but since Gravatar was down so much I didn’t see the point in continuing to use their service. There’s at least one company I’ve heard of which includes a Gravatar like feature in their service offerings. And I may investigate it more in the future, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. That’s one of the reasons my status page still shows the site upgrade at 85%.

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