Bolted E

Bolted E | Flickr

Mostly, I’m uploading this image because I want to test a new WordPress/Flickr integration plugin I installed on my blog. However I also want to point out Ken Rockwell’s Camera Adjustments: from Blah to Aha! is a great article. I tired making his recommended adjustments to my little Canon P&S and found to my very pleasant surprise that the colors were much, much better. I’ll definitely be using those adjustments in all my shooting from now on. Unfortunately the majority of the shots I took with those adjustments, did not turn out the way I wanted (composition-wise, wind blew leaves the wrong way sort of thing).

Update: The plugin worked perfectly. Wahoo! This means I’ll be more likely to blog about any new images I add to my Flickr account so you my faithful minions won’t have to either visit me at Flickr and don’t have to did through my gallery to see new images. Instead they’ll just appear as regular posts. *glee*

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