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What a Weekend

Not sure what kinds of fun you lot had with your Memorial Day weekend but my was just a barrel of laughs. To make sure I kicked the weekend off right, Friday morning I used the screen door to rip a chunk out of the back of my foot. Saturday, Michelle & I ran errands and did a bit of shopping1. When we stopped at the bookstore, I was getting out of the car and started to kick the door open a bit more with my foot. Only I goofed and hit the car door with my toes, breaking back part of the toenail on my big toe. Fortunately it didn’t hurt2. Unfortunately it was bleeding. So here I am hopping across the parking lot into the bookstore behind my wife. Only she’s so focused on getting inside that she’s doesn’t hear me complaining about my toe on any of the 3 times I tried to get her attention before getting inside. Even then when we did get in the store it took a couple of minutes to get her attention. *seesh*

Sunday was a better day though. We drove out to Davenport to visit with a friend, as she invited us out for a bit of a BBQ3. The BBQ was very nice, though everybody else who’d talked to her about it cancelled on her (shame on them!). After we ate, we sat around chatting for a good, long while. Though he add to move away from her brick oven/grill as the wood was popping/crackling and spitting bits of hot ash out at us. Later we went out and caught a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End). It was a fun movie, but not good. Over the night, Michelle had multiple coughing fits and finally around 3 AM this morning I gave up trying to get any sleep. I dinked around for a while and then ended up mowing the lawn in the early hours of the morning. It wasn’t fun, but it needed to be done. On the bright side, I did make some progress on my super-secret decorating project (more on that when I finish it) this weekend, which is a very good thing.

1 Some gardening books for her, some paints for my super-secret decorating project.
2 At least it wasn’t hurting at the time.
3 And unlike other people issuing invitations to get together, she actually replied when we contacted her.

XBMC woot!

Thanks to the excellent information posted by the guys over at Product Wiki, I finally have soft-modded my ancient X-Box to run XBMC. Basically, this means I can now use my X-Box to watch video files, listen to MP3s, etc… Sweeeeeet!

Heroes Season Finale

WTF?!?!?  I’ve watched all 22 prior episodes for that <abbr title=”Piece Of Shit”>POS</abbr>?  Seriously, NBC what were you thinking?  You spent 22 episodes building up the confrontation between Peter and Sylar into a doomsday battle royale where the fate of the world or more acturately, the fate of the poor saps living in New York City lie in the balance.  And the best you can do is some minor telekinetics followed by a fist fight?  What a load of crap.

Oh and if Molly telling us about a man scarier than the Boogeyman (aka Sylar) was your idea of foreshadowing, then your idea of a pitching machine must be a M1 Abrams battle tank.  I know you want to build up some suspense to get people to come back for the next season, but this was entirely too heavy handed.

On the other hand, dropping Hiro into the past and that scene with Peter talking with his old (and let’s not forget dead patient) were good, interesting hooks.  Just having those bits and not the scary man would have been enough to draw people back.  I just don’t know if those 2 scenes were enough to draw me back next season after the craptacular ending you gave us for this season.

I just don’t know.

Add-ons to Things That Would Be Cool

2) Yum!
7) Hmmm, a slice of key-lime with a long, tall glass of iced tea sounds good.
8) Get a herd of sheep and have them nibble the grass to the appropriate height. That way you never pay for gas on the tractor again and the sheep also fertilize the lawn as they mow it.
10-a) For Rosie (the Jetson’s robot) to be real and mine. No more dishes or laundry for me, yeah baby!
10-b) For Mr. Scalzi to finish his sequel to The Android’s Dream.
10-c) Cures for [insert any/all diseases that killed people you loved here].
10-d) A mental time machine allowing me to download all of the knowledge I have today (or at any point in the future) into my younger self. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid considerable more attention in high school and probably would have enjoyed school a lot more.
10-e) A decent resort hotel on one of Saturn’s moons which anybody could afford to visit (even middle-class schmoes). Seriously, what could be cooler than waking up with a view of Saturn’s rings coming up over the horizon?

In response to Things That Would Be Cool: A List.

Note to self: Hey self! You need to seriously work on proof reading your comments before putting them out there for other people to read. Seriously when you make grammatical mistakes like some of the ones in this comment over at the Whatever; you make us look stoopid.

Valve and new TF2 video

I’m pretty hyped to see this come out. And the new direction of being cartoony/pixar-ish is something I really like about it. Too many games are taking themselves far too seriously these days going for the ultra realism and what not. Along those lines, I have heard the Heavy Weapons Guy actually grins and laughs as you kill opponents and supposedly Valve will give each of the characters some sort of appropriate killshot animation. It sounds like it will be hella fun. The only problem is I’ll have to seriously upgrade my PC as my current box only just manages to play Half-Life 2 in single-player and can’t handle multi-player (too old/slow). *sigh*

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