Add-ons to Things That Would Be Cool

2) Yum!
7) Hmmm, a slice of key-lime with a long, tall glass of iced tea sounds good.
8) Get a herd of sheep and have them nibble the grass to the appropriate height. That way you never pay for gas on the tractor again and the sheep also fertilize the lawn as they mow it.
10-a) For Rosie (the Jetson’s robot) to be real and mine. No more dishes or laundry for me, yeah baby!
10-b) For Mr. Scalzi to finish his sequel to The Android’s Dream.
10-c) Cures for [insert any/all diseases that killed people you loved here].
10-d) A mental time machine allowing me to download all of the knowledge I have today (or at any point in the future) into my younger self. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid considerable more attention in high school and probably would have enjoyed school a lot more.
10-e) A decent resort hotel on one of Saturn’s moons which anybody could afford to visit (even middle-class schmoes). Seriously, what could be cooler than waking up with a view of Saturn’s rings coming up over the horizon?

In response to Things That Would Be Cool: A List.

Note to self: Hey self! You need to seriously work on proof reading your comments before putting them out there for other people to read. Seriously when you make grammatical mistakes like some of the ones in this comment over at the Whatever; you make us look stoopid.

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