Upgrade Complete

I finished up all the upgrades to my home PC putting me on Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Unfortunately none of the auto-magical upgrade tools provided by Canonical worked for me, so all my upgrades were done via cli, using aptitude. Mostly this means I had to repeatedly run “sudo aptitude dist-upgrade”, interspersed with removing/installing specific packages based on errors thrown up by apititude, with a couple “sudo aptitude -f install” and “sudo dpkg –configure -a” thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been running Gutsy for a day now and the apps I normally use1 seems to be working fine. A couple of tweaks I made almost immediately after upgrading to Gusty:

  • Removed Strigi. From what I understand Strigi is supposed to be some sort of indexer to allow for quick searching of your computer. Only I found it had a horribly impact performance. Everything became extremely sluggish.
  • Switch the default file manager to Konqueror from Dolphin. Dolphin looks like it might be useful and it did feel faster. But I’m used to Konqueror and don’t feel like making the switch right now.
  • Installed Compiz. I found it interesting but different enough from my normal preferences that I’ve disabled it for now. Though I do plan to look at it more another day.

1 Kontact, Firefox, Konsole, KMyMoney, Kaffeine, Digikam, and Amarok

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