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Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10

Last night I upgraded my home PC from Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10.  On the one hand, the upgrade went better than any other upgrade ever has.  On the other, I ran into some major problems.


  • The actual upgrade process completed without errors.
  • The computer was successfully upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 without any manual intervention on my part.
  • Desktop effects (aka compiz) are very fun.  I’d tried them in the past with less than stellar results (too buggy) but they seem much more stable now.
  • The extra buttons on my trackball finally work righ with Firefox under Ubuntu (back/forward).


  • The upgrader removed and did not reinstall the restricted kernel modules.
    • For my less technical readers, basically the upgrade broke both my wireless connection and 3D acceleration.  I could live without the 3D, but this computer relies on wireless to connect to my home network.  Fixing that took a couple of hours of digging around in the log files and using another computer to get the files I needed.  Major headache.
    • I understand why the modules were removed and not installed after the upgrade, but I wish the upgrader had been smart enough to realize I needed them and would have at least downloaded them to be available after I rebooted to complete the install.
  • KDE 4.x is the new default desktop environment for Kubuntu.  KDE 4.x does not play nicely with Nvidia graphics cards.  Like the one in my computer.  Meaning the lag between clicking on a the K menu and the menu popping up was about 2 minutes.  *ugh*  I could disable the Nvidia drivers to get normal performance back but then I’d lose my 3D acceleration.  *sigh*  So I’ve switched over to using Gnome, which will probably make at least one person I know very smug.
  • The network shared drives I had setup to be automatically mounted on every boot are no longer mounting.  Gnome has an easy way to connect to those shares, but I really don’t want to have to mount them manually every time.

Update: For those of you stopping by looking for instructions on how to do this upgrade, you can fine the complete instructions (with screenshots!) over at Ubuntu’s Community Documentation page for IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu.

Upgrade Complete

I finished up all the upgrades to my home PC putting me on Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Unfortunately none of the auto-magical upgrade tools provided by Canonical worked for me, so all my upgrades were done via cli, using aptitude. Mostly this means I had to repeatedly run “sudo aptitude dist-upgrade”, interspersed with removing/installing specific packages based on errors thrown up by apititude, with a couple “sudo aptitude -f install” and “sudo dpkg –configure -a” thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been running Gutsy for a day now and the apps I normally use1 seems to be working fine. A couple of tweaks I made almost immediately after upgrading to Gusty:

  • Removed Strigi. From what I understand Strigi is supposed to be some sort of indexer to allow for quick searching of your computer. Only I found it had a horribly impact performance. Everything became extremely sluggish.
  • Switch the default file manager to Konqueror from Dolphin. Dolphin looks like it might be useful and it did feel faster. But I’m used to Konqueror and don’t feel like making the switch right now.
  • Installed Compiz. I found it interesting but different enough from my normal preferences that I’ve disabled it for now. Though I do plan to look at it more another day.

1 Kontact, Firefox, Konsole, KMyMoney, Kaffeine, Digikam, and Amarok

Upgrade Begins!

KDE Logo I’ve been running Kubuntu 6.06 LTS as my main OS on my home PC since it was released. Along the way, I’ve upgraded to KDE 3.5.5 and Amarok 1.4.3 and installed a variety of packages from unofficial sources. When I Edgy 6.10 was first released I looked into upgrading, but held off. This was due to all the complaints and problems I had been reading about where people had done similar things to myself (e.g. installed apps using unofficial sources). While I was no longer living on the edge, I still have been keeping up with the community by reading Planet KDE. A lot of changes and new features sounded really cool but with all the horror stories out there and Dapper being a Long Term Support release, I figured I was better off waiting to upgrade until I absolutely had to.

Last night, I decided I’d held off long enough. So I backed up all my data and started the upgrade. As expected, upgrading from Dapper to Edgy was painful. Fortunately I’ve gotten some experience with the cli and was able to work past my problems. I might still be missing a few things (e.g. Flash player doesn’t seem to work at the moment) but overall I’m rather impressed. My computer feels a bit more speedy and the fonts look enormously better. It’s really quite extraordinary how much better things look.

I’ve already started the upgrade to take me from Edgy to Feisty 7.04 and am very much looking forward to being on Gutsy 7.10 (not to mention Hardy 8.04 later this month). For now though, my eyes are burning with sleepiness, so I’ll post this and catch some shut-eye while my computer downloads all the packages it needs to upgrade me to Feisty.

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