Tweeting Geniuses

While working on my changes to the VectorLover theme I happened to look at CoffeeBear’s stats; where I noticed somethng odd.  An ancient post (all the way back to ’04!) was receiving a couple of hits from Twitter of all places. Now I’ll admit the post was not my best piece of writing — in fact it was mudune and rather dull — so I was curious as to why it got somebody’s attention.

I checked out the tweet but that didn’t make any sense.  It didn’t help me to figure out what was going on that the tweet used to shorten the URLs. Eventually I realized that the person who tweeted my post just made a typo.  Yup, they used a lower-case “k” in the shortened URL when they should have used an upper-case “K”.  That’s all it took to send their traffic my way vs. their intended destination.  Oh well, I guess nobody really is listening to me reading my posts.  *sigh*


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What I want to know is what kind of person manually types in those shortened URLs. Not that “f2bk” is much work, but I always copy and paste whenever I can.

Well from the look of the tweet and the fact that they got the shortened URL wrong… let’s just say “Tweeting Geniuses” is meant to be taken with a rather large chunk (note: not a mere grain, but a large chunk) of salt.

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