I’ve been using the Hulu plugin now for a few days and it’s great but I do run into the occasional problem.  So I’ve been following the thread over at XBMC Forums about it as the plugin is under active development.  In a recent post to that thread, one of the developers said:

Please use the google addons.
Right now google addons is more in sync.

Sometimes I use my personal googlecode just to back stuff up, or sync it between my home computer and the one at work. Anytime I’m ready for you guys to try something out I’ll just stick it in the google addons svn & if it’s broken I’ll just revert it.

Which is a good tip as the thread has links to a wide variety of versions of the plugin scattered throughout its 45 pages.  Unfortunately the tip does not really clear things up in my particular case.  As I stated previously I’m using a copy of the plugin from xbmc-hulu. The developer who made the above comment is recommending people use the version of the plugin from xbmc-addons instead of his personal version at rwparris2-xbmc-plugins but makes no mention of the version at xbmc-hulu which shows that developer’s username as one of the project owners.


I suppose I’ll just have to download the xbmc-addons version of the hulu plugin, try it out and compare it to the xbmc-hulu version.  As soon as I’ve had a moment to do so, I’ll post my results.

UPDATE: I’m not seeing any difference between the xbmc-addons & xbmc-hulu versions so far.  However after reading the thread on XBMC Forums, I did go through the trouble of configuring the plugin (under the XBox version -> Videos -> Plugins -> Hulu -> press the white button on your controller).  Setting a default video quality makes using the plugin much nicer (cuts out 2-3 button presses when trying to watch a specific video).  You can enter your Hulu account username/password but there doesn’t appear to be a benefit to doing so yet.

UPDATE2:Per the XBMC Forums, xbmc-hulu has been removed in favor the version available via XBMC SVN Repo Installer and the SVN Repo Installer pulls from xbmc-addons.

UPDATE: Per the XBMC-Hulu plugin release thread, there is no currently working version of the plugin.

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9 thoughts on “XBMC-Hulu Update

  1. I’m curious, what hardware are you using? I really want to have XBMC again (I still use it on my original XBOX), but hardware that will play hi-def stuff is pricey.

    Are you using XBMC on a media center type setup, or on a desktop computer?

    1. Like you I still run XBMC on a XBox. Even if the Xbox dies, getting replacements is still easy (and cheap at ~$50 for a used XBox).

      I believe technically the XBox can play HD content, depending on how the content is encoded. Though I have never had much luck with doing so (dropped frame, audio/video sync issues, etc..). If you’re looking for a cheap HD content playing solution, I’ve heard some good things about Boxee (the XBMC for Apple TV).

    1. Actually that’s why I mentioned Boxee because AFAIK it’s derived from XBMC but was written to run off AppleTV (though from looking at their site, it appears they’ve moved on from just working on AppleTVs).

      I had not previsouly heard about that Popcorn Hour you mention, please be sure to blog about your experiences with it.

      Or if you haven’t already bought one, have you considered the Neuros OSD 2.0? I’ve been vaguely watching for them to release a consumer ready version (the OSD 2.0 is still under development) as it sounds like it would be a fun.

  2. I’ve been trying to configure the xbmc hulu default video settings, but I haven’t been able to figure out how. I also can’t find a tutorial anywhere.

    Would you mind giving a more detailed description? When I go to the menu you describe, there are not any items for default quality.

    1. Using the XBox version of XBMC from the main screen:

      Go into Videos
      Go into Video Plugins
      Highlight Hulu
      Press the white button on your controller and in the list of options that come up there’s something about configuring the plugin.

      NOTE: This is just my best guess/memory as I’m not at my XBox right now.

    2. Sorry just realized I’d only copied the same instructions from the post. The complete instructions would be:
      1. Go into Videos.
      2. Go into Video Plugins.
      3. Highlight Hulu.
      4. Press the white button on your XBox controller.
      5. Select Plugin Settings from the context menu.
      6. The first option on the plugin settings page is Quality. This is what I was referring to by the default video settings.

  3. I can’t find the hulu plugin ANYWHERE. not even the SVN Repo Intstaller. Could you point me in the right direction please

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