Lord Embries

I don’t frequently remember my dreams and when I do remember any of my dreams it’s usually only a single scene with very little detail. This morning when I woke up I had a couple of scenes from the same dream still in my head and then more detail than I’m used to. So I figured I’d share it with you. In part so I can remember it, but also maybe it would make a decent start to some sort of RPG or something. *grin*

Group of students, various ages meet together outside school building, each is holding some sort of personal item, most are rackets of some sort. They concentrate on the rackets, which glow, expand and then go over the owners’ heads and slide down. As the rackets go down, each student’s appearance changes becomes perhaps more idealized versions of themselves. Also the students now are standing in a lush forest area not in front of a school.

The students start racing off into the forest after one of them says something I didn’t catch. The last 2 students to head off are the student I’m tracking1 (a very young boy) and a female student. When they crossed over to the Otherside, she took on the appearance of almost a Greek goddess and he aged/got taller/grew a bread/suddenly had different clothes (maybe armor). He refers to the girl as “the Spider” when he asks what she’s planning.  From the way the boy talks to her, I get the impression that they are not exactly friends but he does like her (sort of a proto-crush perhaps). Her reply seems to indicate she knows a little about what the other students are up to, though it’s vague.

They take off after the other students but they don’t move like kids running through a forest but with far, far greater speed more like cheetahs or leopards. When they catch up to the other students; all of them seem to be drawing more & more power to themselves from the clearing where they’ve stopped. The boy I’m tracking views this power they are drawing as something dangerous, alien and/or possibly an enemy. He starts streaking away back to where they crossed over, making some sort of comment to “the Spider” as he does so. Whatever it was he said was sufficient to have her follow him away from this place.

Then the dream scene fades out. When it resumes the boy I’m tracking has crossed back into the real world and is now sitting in a classroom. Where it becomes obvious the boy has skipped a few grade levels. It’s also obvious the teacher in this room is a pompous ass who won’t listen to the boy and the boy is extremely agitated. It feels like the teacher is picking on the boy, perhaps the teacher doesn’t appreciate having such a young/gifted student? The boy tries to explain what happened in the Otherside, but the teacher keeps cutting him off. Eventually the boy gets angry with the teacher and starts making threats. Still the teacher dismisses the boys concerns and that’s when the boy start demanding the teacher let him go speak to Lord Embries2.

When the teacher still dismisses the boy’s concerns, he simply walks out. He heads down the hallway towards the office. He gets up to a counter/reception desk for the Gifted3 students. He just starts to demand to see Lord Embries with just a bit of explanation of why he wants this, when a another young student runs up and gives a note to the woman at the desk. The note is from the pompous ass of a teacher and is all about the boy acting up in class, being threatening and demanding he be punished.

And that’s all I can remember from the dream now. Have a happy Friday!

1 Frequently in the dreams I remember, I don’t take part personally but sort of hover over the shoulder of one of the dream characters as they move about in their world. This is what I refer to as tracking. Though occasionally I will also see things though the eyes of of a character but have the impression that the dream character I see through is me.
2 I get the impression that Lord Embries is the founder/header of the school but also a feeling of him being a combination of James Bond & Albus Dumbledore. That is caring, wise & powerful but also young, dashing & heroic.
3 Gifted in this case refers to the ability to go to the Otherside and not to just being smarter than any other kids of the same age.

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