Dear 2011 Self

North Face Breezer Brimmer Hat |

Hey there self! This post is a quick blast from the past, to remind you of something. Namely when you hit the first, nice day in say April or maybe early May; get off your butt and clean those gutters. That way when you get up on the roof, it’ll be much cooler out and the shingles won’t feel like they’re burning through your jeans.

North Face Breezer Brimmer Hat |

Side note: I hope you’re still liking that sun hat we bought this year. It worked really well keeping the sun off your face while working on those blasted gutters. Too bad it didn’t do anything to keep all the gnats and mosquitoes from pestering us. That one which bit us on the back of the ear is still annoying as all get out, but by the time you should be reading this that nasty, little bite will be all healed up.

Lucky bugger.

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