Day 331: Temporary Halt to the Madness

Day 331: Temporary Halt to the Madness

Day 330: Temporary Halt to the Madness
While there are still a few things to do; we decided to go ahead and re-install the wire-frame shelving into the closet. This allows us to (finally) use the closet space again. It also gives me an opportunity to make a note of the things we did well and the things I’d do differently.

Done well:

  • Completed project without killing anybody and stuffing their body behind the drywall.
  • Kept project costs low by reusing existing materials whenever possible and buying some materials second hand from our local ReStore.
Things I’d do differently:
  • Take out the existing baseboard that runs in front of the closet area to give hanging items more vertical space.
  • Spend more time laying out the closet to make things a bit more square.
To do:

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  1. We started on this, but the flanges we were going to use to attach the pipes did not go on easily. Well to be entirely accurate the flanges didn’t go on all the way; meaning the pipes + flanges don’t fit into the space. We’ll probably end up buying more pipe and trying this part again at a later date.

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