225: Prisoner of Fate

225: Prisoner of Fate
It’s been a hectic week around the CoffeeBear household. Earlier in the year, I’d noticed that the sills on several of our windows were going bad1)The paint was peeling away and the wood was soft. Then we started getting quotes to get our rain gutters replaced and the bad sills feel straight out of my head. One evening while I was leaving for an appointment, R&P Construction was at the house taking measures for a quote on the gutters; I noticed his truck mentioned they do windows and it popped right back into my head. I asked for a quote on the repairing the windows and headed out to my appointment. We got both quotes back quickly and they were quite detailed in explaining both exactly what they would do and how much it would cost. Since R&P could handle both our windows & gutters; we went with them.

In preparation of their visit; we had to move most of our books out of the way and move all Raja’s necessities upstairs, as the windows had to come out of the walls to be properly repaired. To say that Raja as been inconvenienced this week is like saying Atacama Desert perhaps a touch too dry. Today being the day the windows were actually replaced, we had to lock Raja in the upstairs portion of the house. He has been displeased but I think once we get everything put back; he’ll be fine again. Of course, I’m mean enough that when I saw on the other side of the door to the upstairs; I instantly thought that could make a good picture. Then again I’m wasn’t cruel enough to make him wait to be released until I got a good picture; so there might be hope for me after all. 🙂

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1. The paint was peeling away and the wood was soft.

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