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Don Quixote: Savior of us All

XKCD: Strip# 556

Today’s XKCD is wondrous on so many levels. Below is a lower-resolution copy of the comic, which you can click to visit XKCD to see the full size if you wish.

Alternative Energy Revolution | XKCD

Goodbye Dave

Pod Bay Doors

Mr. Munroe swings and hits my funny bone once again. Dang I love reading xkcd. *grin*

You Had Me, And You Lost Me

I’ve been reading a variety of webcomics for the past couple years and the list has only grown as time went on. However I recentally decided to whittle the list down as bit for a couple of reasons.

  1. They stopped updating on any kind of regular basis.
  2. The writing tanked and I no longer care about thecharacters.
  3. It’s taking too much damn time to read them all.

So here is my list of webcomics which I will no longer be reading. So long, farewell, goodbye!

Having gotten those off my list, sad fool that I am, I’ve added a couple of others to my reading list which brings my list of regularly read webcomics to:

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