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Snooze buttons are the channel-changers of the dream world

Just I had another night were I stayed up far, far too late dinking around on my computer getting some stuff setup on my local test server. This means when my alarm went off this morning; I was still in the deeper levels of sleep and it awoke me out of some dreaming. As I usually do I just kept hitting at the snooze for as long as I knew I could get away with. Finally though it was time to get up and when I did so I could still remember bits of what I had been dreaming. Those bits were enough for me to discover that my dreams had been changing each time I smacked that old snooze button.
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Dreaming like a bad ’80s high school romance movie

I didn’t sleep so good last night, not quite sure why. I went to bed late and was completely exhausted but partially woke up a couple of hours before the alarm clock went off. My wrist braces1 were bothering my hands, so I took them off and tried going back to sleep. That sort of worked but it wasn’t really good sleep, as I was still somewhat awake. Though that did allow me to somewhat realize that I was dreaming while I was doing so. Unfortunately, I either had no control over the dream or I did and just never cared to change it. Also, I had the distinct impression that this was not the first time I’ve had this particular dream, though I cannot recall any other time that I’ve woken from this dream.

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Once again, I stayed up too late doing nothing in particular (reading some websites, trying to figure out more WP stuff, playing UT2004, etc..) so I’m feeling extremely tired this morning. The other side affect of staying up so late is that I can remember some of my dreams from last night.

In the dream, I’m the captain of a commercial airliner (a Boeing 747, I think). We’re making a routine flight from somewhere to somewhere else when something goes extremely wrong. What exactly goes wrong, I can’t tell but I know that I’ve lost around half my passengers and an engine or two.

We make an emergency landing on an interstate or maybe on a turnpike and one of the wings (and one of the remaining engines) gets snapped off by a support column for an overpass and then we’re finally able to bring the plane to a stop.

The next thing I know my copilot and I are carrying some flat-bed like thing that I intrinsically know weighs around 1300 lbs. We carry through a couple of building hallways before meeting up with superior officers/crash investigators. They make some sort of joke, but I don’t laugh. Then we carry the flat up a slight incline, set it done, pause for a moment to remember those who died and then reach into a wall panel, pulling out some heavy duty computer cable, which then gets hooked into the flat.

That’s where I woke up, though I did have a fleeting sense that the flat thing was some how acting as a blackbox data/flight recorder device.

Note to self: No more late night tacos for dinner.

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