Snooze buttons are the channel-changers of the dream world

Just I had another night were I stayed up far, far too late dinking around on my computer getting some stuff setup on my local test server. This means when my alarm went off this morning; I was still in the deeper levels of sleep and it awoke me out of some dreaming. As I usually do I just kept hitting at the snooze for as long as I knew I could get away with. Finally though it was time to get up and when I did so I could still remember bits of what I had been dreaming. Those bits were enough for me to discover that my dreams had been changing each time I smacked that old snooze button.

Dream One
This dream felt like some sort of fantasy anime show; where I was some kind of fighter/punk kid with an agricultural background. I was with a group of people that had several people but I could only recall a woman –who I now think must have been a cleric/priestess of some kind– and an annoying unidentifed male child who had no specific function/powers but somehow was vital to our quest.

Before you ask, no I’ve no idea what the quest really was beyond a vague notion that we were out to save the world. Anyway, we were traveling along with the water women. Who are they? Well, these are another strange product of the dream world. They look completely human but they pull water up and out of the ocean into large balls1 which they then get on top of and use to walk across water. They can even allow others onto the balls and to spilt the balls into 2 smaller balls that their passenger can use to go another direction from them. Though the smaller balls don’t last very long. The water women had a somewhat earthy look to them but my dream didn’t allow me to examine their looks; instead I was focused on their abilities.

To continue, our group had been walking with the water women for quite a ways and the one I was with, was telling us of some legend that they have. We were excited because the legend seemed to fit with what we were trying to do. After some lengthy walking, the water women spilt their balls with us and they started heading home as we had to go into forbidden territory. We continued onwards and shortly thereafter reached a massive stone wall that was starting to fall apart from age & neglect but still had something of a dock/platform on the outside. We hurried over to that and then got off the balls and onto it. The balls vanished as soon as we were off of them. Once we were on the platform; we noticed down and to our left was a door sized opening but it was blocked off with a 2 layers of simmering light. The outer layer was pinkish-purple and the inner was a calm sky blue. There was another opening in the wall at the back of the platform but it was too small for anyway to go through. Also for some reason, the platform was high enough that one could look over the wall but somehow one couldn’t just jump over it.

On the other side fo the wall, there was s stinky, swampy sort of purple oozy water and fog/haze. We could sort of make out that there was a pathway leading off from the larger opening in the wall. The woman in the group was complaining about the smell while my character seemed to think it smelt like home2. While we were arguing about the smell; suddenly the pinkish-purple light was gone as was the kid. We hurried through the larger opening and….BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!

My alarm went off again.

Dream Two
After hitting the snooze, I went right back to sleep and I knew I was on the other side of the wall but now that area was different. Also, now I was actually me and the woman who was with me before was Ariesna. The area we were in appeared to have a stage in the center with bleacher style seating around 3 sides and at the back of the stage was a wall of prizes. There was a guy on the stage, but I don’t recall him saying anything. Instead there were announcers up in a booth at the top of bleachers to my left. We sat there for a bit and then the announcers started talking about an individual in the audience, who he called Cletus. The few people in the audience were yelling and clapping as the guy stood up. He turned out to look like the one of the ugliest hillbillies you ever did see. Tall and skinny like a bean pole, dressed in some ratty old jeans and a brown flannel shirt with a hunting vest over it (still somewhat orangish but toned down in color by the dirt) a red/black plaid cap with ear flaps and a scraggy looking blonde beard on his chin. I got the impression that Cletus might be some sort of TV star but I don’t know for sure. Shortly after that Ariesna was called to get a prize. She went on the stage and quickly came back with a small box. It turned out to be some sort of crappy shareware security program. I looked at it and looked at her. She popped back up and went over to the guy on stage. She showed him the box and asked about exchanging it. He looked at the box and said “Oh yeah, that’s [name of program]. Sure grab whatever you like.”

She did just that and came back with a small totebag looking thing with “m&m”3 embrodiered on the side. When she got to our seat, I suddenly had a PDA4 in my hands and it was reading off the value of the prize as being $58,326! We opened the bag. Inside under a couple of layers of wrapping & packaging was some electronic device. As near as I could tell it was some kind of home phone system and …..BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!

My alarm went off again and I had to actually get up. *sigh* I wonder what other programs I missed watching by not hitting snooze again.

1 Roughly, the balls have a 4 foot radius.
2 This is why I was thinking my character had some sort of agricultural background.
3 Like the logo for M&M’s candy.
4 No, I didn’t pull it out of my pocket and I don’t recall having one in the dream until the moment it appeared in my hands.

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