I used to love FPS games; but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost most of my taste for them. Probably because my reaction time is down and I’ve had less spare cash for PC upgrades to be able to run modern FPS games.

I’m also a bit cheap so I don’t tend to go for the latest console systems. Though I did end up buying a Wii last year and have been enjoying it greatly. Specially the Lego games (Lego Star Wars, Lego Indian Jones, etc..).

I’ve also played Rock Band/Guitar Hero at friends’ places and enjoyed those as well but haven’t picked up it yet (cheap + pricey controllers = delay in buying).

In response to Do You Game? by Shawn Powers.

Do any of my readers game? If so what do you like to play?

I like the little fortune cookies you get when you eat Chinese food. I also tend to tuck the fortunes into my wallet. Today I’m going to type up all my saved fortunes for your reading pleasure.

  • “Your joyfulness will prolong your days.”
  • “You will spend your old age surrounded by comfort and wealth.”
  • “Your favor will be granted.”
  • “Creativity is your ace in the hole.”
  • “Confusius says: to err is human.  To rub it in, is divine.”
  • “Pleasant surroundings and a happy time await you.”
  • “One Who Never Asks Either Knows Everything Or Nothing.”
  • “You have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.”
  • “You change the world with each thought, word and action.”
  • “Good Judgment Comes From Experience.  Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.”

The best fortune I ever got from a cookie is one I doubt I’ll ever forget.  In part because I was having lunch with my mother and she got the exact same fortune.

  • “You will do well at the race track.”

How about you Intarwebs?  Got any good bits of fortune cookie wisdom to brighten my day with?

-4 and heavily overcast here in Iowa. I could see a smudge of lighter colored clouds but that was it. *sigh* I guess I’ll be trying again in 2010.

In response to Shaky Eclipse by John Scalzi.