Fortune Cookie Wisdom

I like the little fortune cookies you get when you eat Chinese food. I also tend to tuck the fortunes into my wallet. Today I’m going to type up all my saved fortunes for your reading pleasure.

  • “Your joyfulness will prolong your days.”
  • “You will spend your old age surrounded by comfort and wealth.”
  • “Your favor will be granted.”
  • “Creativity is your ace in the hole.”
  • “Confusius says: to err is human.  To rub it in, is divine.”
  • “Pleasant surroundings and a happy time await you.”
  • “One Who Never Asks Either Knows Everything Or Nothing.”
  • “You have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.”
  • “You change the world with each thought, word and action.”
  • “Good Judgment Comes From Experience.  Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.”

The best fortune I ever got from a cookie is one I doubt I’ll ever forget.  In part because I was having lunch with my mother and she got the exact same fortune.

  • “You will do well at the race track.”

How about you Intarwebs?  Got any good bits of fortune cookie wisdom to brighten my day with?

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