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*grin* For a novel way to spend a Friday night/Saturday morning, I’m at a bud’s house and we’re firing up a LAN party. For extra fun, he’s got broadband Internet access. Schweet! 😀

Update 14 August 2004, 20:29 : I’m back from the LAN Party. It was a blast. We tried out a bunch of games that none of us had really played before:

We also played a bit of UT2004 and SS2. It was a flippin’ blast; though that last game of WoR sucked when J stomped all our butts 3 minutes into the game. Still to be fair, I smoked everyone at FarCry. Oh and for the record, “Daddy’s Favorite Gun” was the P90 SMG and for a bit of sniping action either the AG36 Assault Rifle or the OICW Advanced Assault Rifle would do nicely.

Note to self: Next time play with the fire modes on the assualt rifles and try out the grenade launcher mode!

Note to Self

While giving blood is a noble thing –and something that everybody who is able to do should do– giving it while you’re suffering from jet lag is perhaps not the smartest idea that I have ever had. I had been feeling back to my normal levels of awareness at work, until I gave blood yesterday. Then it was suddenly like I hadn’t slept at all and I was wasted for the rest of the day. This was particularly bad because when I got home I remembered I still had to write that final journal entry for my Japan trip/class. Damn. I guess I’ll just get it written up tonight and suck up the drop in grade for being late.

Oh and if you’re reading this AWelkin; this is not a plea to be excused from any “late fee” on my assignment. I knew the rules and I broke them; so I’m willing to pay the penalty.

Japan Day 1

My study group all made it to Japan safe & sound. We did nearly lose some people along various stages of the way here, but in the end we arrived with our lives and health in tact. I don’t know these people well enough to say whether or not their sanity is in tact after the trip or if they’re always this crazy.

As this was the first time in my memory that I’ve flown; I think I should make a note of the following:

  • Flying is not as bad an experience as I had been fearing it might be.
  • Puddle-jumper planes suck for people over 5 foot 8 inches, due to low ceilings and no headroom when going down the aisle.
  • International flights are too damn long and my ears are still somewhat numb from the constant roar of the engines.
  • Turbulance sucks! Particularly when you’re watching the wing bounce.
  • Landings are not evil, but only because that means you can get off the plane soon.

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The future is now… and it sucks!

I really wish Threadless wasn’t out of this shirt.

What does a t-shirt have to do with the future? Here’s the text from the shirt:

this was
supposed to be
the future

where is my jetpack,
where is my robotic companion,
where is my dinner in pill form,
where is my hydrogen fueled automobile,
where is my nuclear powered levitating house,

where is my cure for this disease

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