*grin* For a novel way to spend a Friday night/Saturday morning, I’m at a bud’s house and we’re firing up a LAN party. For extra fun, he’s got broadband Internet access. Schweet! 😀

Update 14 August 2004, 20:29 : I’m back from the LAN Party. It was a blast. We tried out a bunch of games that none of us had really played before:

We also played a bit of UT2004 and SS2. It was a flippin’ blast; though that last game of WoR sucked when J stomped all our butts 3 minutes into the game. Still to be fair, I smoked everyone at FarCry. Oh and for the record, “Daddy’s Favorite Gun” was the P90 SMG and for a bit of sniping action either the AG36 Assault Rifle or the OICW Advanced Assault Rifle would do nicely.

Note to self: Next time play with the fire modes on the assualt rifles and try out the grenade launcher mode!

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