Bored at Work

I’m sitting here waiting for the program I’m testing to finish processing some data that I threw at it. I take a moment to stop over at the Terrapin‘s website to try finding out more info on some of their comopolitan drinks. You see they’ve changed their menu in the store several times and while they still make all the old drinks; you have to know what they are as they aren’t listed anywhere in the store1. So I’m browsing the site and I find myself thinking; gee, I read blogs regularly that are better looking than this site. I wonder how the site is built. You can image my horror when I looked at the source and discovered that it was made in Micro$haft Frontpuke. *shudder*

Okay, I’ll admit that more current versions of Frontpuke write code that isn’t as bad as what older copies of it spit out, but the Terrapin’s site appears to have been written in an older version. So not only are tables being used when they’re not really needed; the code is full of crap that doesn’t need to be in there. And if that’s not bad enough; the website hasn’t been updated in some time as it’s my understanding from the mother of the owners that their 2nd location has closed but the website still shows it as being open for business. Now given how easy WP is to work with; I’m thinking that I might try building a custom site for the Terrapin using it2. Come to think of it; I might want to try redoing that template for AWelkin using WP as well. Hmm… It’s a thought anyway.

1 Yes, I agree that’s a bad idea but what can one do about it?
2 Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I still need to build a custom theme for my own site; but like the title of this post says, I’m bored at work and that’s where I get some of my better/dumber ideas for things like this.

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