Where do you spend your web time?

I know I probably spend too much time online reading websites and what not, but of late I’m finding that many of the sites I normally visit are becoming a bit dull. So, I’m looking for suggestions on what other interesting sites are out there1. If either of my 2 readers have suggestions; I’ll be happy to check them out.

Note: Before making your suggestion; please visit my portal page and make sure it’s not one that I already visit. Thanks!

1 We’ve got to have something to do at work, right? 🙂


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It’s a bunch of links to free porn (is anyone surprised).

*BUT*, it’s all catagorized, and explained, and informally rated. So it’s a pretty good setup.

I’m sure there’s things on the internet besides porn and coffeebear.net… but I haven’t seen them.

I approved this comment (against my better judgement) as I want to foster conversation; however I was really looking for blogs or other sites that would be safe to visit from work.

Yeah, me too. Like I said, if there’s non-porn sites out there, *I’ve* never seen them.. and I’d like to! 🙂

Actually, on a serious note, I’ve been discovering online comics recently. And some blogs. But I think everything I’ve discovered is on Manzabar’s link page.

Ooh! Except http://www.penny-arcade.com, because Manzabar hates it. But it’s good! 😛

That’s not true. I don’t hate Penny Arcade. I find it so lacking in humor or any other value that I don’t visit it. Hating it would imply that it’s actually worthy of my notice, which it simply isn’t.

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