Real Life now using WordPress

I use the Update Linkroll plugin and all the links on my portal page. The advantage to doing this is when one of the blogs I read updates and pings; my portal page will show that the site has been updated. Having just finished staying up far too late watching videos on my computer; I was just briefly checking a few things on my site before heading off to sleep. That’s when I noticed something interesting. My portal page showed Greg Dean’s Real Life webcomic had been updated. This had never happened before, so I was curious to see what Greg had done. *shock & surprise* Greg changed his webcomic’s rant system to be using WordPress!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to get through to the WordPress site at the moment (or I’d toss something up on their forums), but I thought it was pretty damn cool and definitely worth mentioning. Oh and if Mr. Dean reads this; it’s wonderful that you’ve ditched Outlook. Now, you just need to ditch Pepsi for Coke. *runs and hides from the Shirt Ninja*

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Unfortunately, I had to disable WordPress, because it ate ALL the system resources. I’m working on getting it back up and running, though. 😀

Sorry to hear that. If you need help, the WP Support Forums are a great resource.

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