Which Website are You?

You are somethingawful.com You feel the internet makes you stupid.  You like really bad websites. Making fun of stupid people comes naturally. You use Lunix on yuor computar.
Which Website are You?

Hmm, I guess I’ll have to check this site out as I’m not familiar with tit.


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So, is this some kind of self-promotion campaign from BBspot?

Nah, it’s just a silly quiz that they’ve got up. I occassionally enjoy taking these sorts of things and then sharing the results with people I know. However I tend to be lazy, so it’s easiest for me to post the results on my site and let them look at it. 🙂

Sorry, it would have been funnier had the link shown up.
It said, “BBspot. You are bbspot.com. You like to make people laugh. Youlike to make fun of people who believe your jokes. You are geeky. You are the best.”

Hence self-promotion suspicion.

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