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Too Much Command Line

You know you’ve been spending too much time on the cli when you keep hitting tab in Notepad and wonder why the autocompletion isn’t kicking in.

Admiring My Tool

Leatherman Squirt P4

I carry a Leatherman Squirt P4 and once in a while, I take out of my pocket and set it on my desk. Either because it’s poking my leg or I’m using it for some reason or another. Today I had it sitting out and was concentrating on our current big project, headphones on and oblivious to my surroundings.

When I suddenly noticed two of my co-workers leaning over my cube wall, looking at me. One of them noticed the Squirt sitting on my desk and started talking about how cool it was. Then our supervisor walked over and mentioned how I was popular today. The other of my co-workers piped up with “We were just admiring his tool” and all of us got the giggles. We thought about all the various ways she could have said that…

  • “Admiring his pocket tool”
  • “Admiring his Leatherman”
  • “Admiring his Squirt”

And decided there was no way we were not going to laugh at the comment.

Note to Self: Mixing Drinks

We’re having some issues with the lights/power/air conditioning in my office this morning.  As I’m still trying to shrug off the after effects of taking the lovely cough syrup last night, I had to have some coffee this morning.  However with the A/C being out, I’m starting to over heat and have been switching from coffee to Fruit Punch Gatorade.  Now both of those are good but since I’m tired and thirsty, I’m grabbed them one after the other without really thinking about it.  Let me tell you, fruit punch flavored coffee is rather unpleasant.

Got Medicine?

Still battling the plague, but did make it to the clinic this weekend. The wonderful doctor gave me a nice, wide-spectrum antibiotic and even better a codeine-based cough syrup. The past week or so, I’ve been getting very little sleep do to this nasty plague-induced cough but with this cough syrup I slept roughly 14 hours last night! Wahoo! It feels so good to be rested again.

Borne Ultimatum

First movie had little to no shaky cam. Second movie had enough to annoy me and trigger my wife’s motion sickness. I guess I’ll be renting the third movie some day when the wife’s not around then. Thanks for the warning Les!

In response to SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “The Borne Ultimatum.” by Les.

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