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  • NPR, I love it. | Learn to speak Tea Bag. (via @hidama) #
  • Speaking of WoT fanart, the best I’ve seen are here: (via @BrandonSandrson) #
  • The weekend. #DOWANT (via @hidama) #
  • All shall bow before the Super Admin! Ho Ho Ho! Look on my blogs ye mighty—and despair! (via @iandstewart) #
  • Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0, summed up in a picture: (via @nathansmith) #
  • I nominate @scalzi for a Shorty Award in #bacon because he is my bacon-master now! #
  • Breaking: Hulk Hogan admits that WWE is rigged! (via @jamietie) #StatingTheObvious #heh #
  • I say screw Leno AND Conan. Give Craig Ferguson the time slot. That guy is hilarious. #nbc (via @carlhancock) #

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